National Toxicology Program

National Toxicology Program

Forest Plot Viewer

The Forest Plot Viewer software creates figures to display point estimate data with multiple columns of descriptive text that can be rapidly modified by the user to display subsets of data based on filtering criteria.


Download the Forest Plot Viewer software9.76 MB (11.8MB)1
User Manual

The zip file contains the program files, two example data sets and settings files, and a user's manual. The user manual can be downloaded separately.

1To conserve file space and simplify the retrieval of multiple files, we have compressed the software files using the zip file format. File sizes are shown in this format: compressed zip file size (uncompressed total size of files).

Meta Data Viewer

Meta Data Viewer is an expanded version of the original Forest Plot Viewer program with additional capabilities including changing the orientation of the graphs and grouping sets of studies. There is also a web start interface eliminating the necessity of downloading the program and example data files.


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