National Toxicology Program

National Toxicology Program

Nominate & Provide Input to NTP

You can provide your input to NTP by:

  • Nominating a substance for study in the NTP testing program or for evaluation by one of its centers.
  • Contacting NTP or component on any topic by email.
  • Responding to a request from NTP for public comments. Requests are published in the Federal Register.

Comment on Open Solicitations

NTP is soliciting your input on the solicitations below. You can find full information in the Federal Register notice containing the solicitation.

NTP publishes requests for public comment in the Federal Register. The following Federal Register notices are open for your input.

NTP Interagency Center for the Evaluation of Alternative Toxicological Methods

Comment Period: November 03 – December 30

Title: Request for Data and Information on Zebrafish Embryo Chemical Screening

Federal Register notice: 81FR76620-76621

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Board of Scientific Counselors

Comment Period: November 03 – December 07

Title: National Toxicology Program Board of Scientific Counselors; Announcement of Meeting; Request for Comments

Federal Register notice: 81FR76621-76622

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NTP General

Comment Period: October 26 – December 12

Title: Short-term Alternative Animal Models or In Vitro Tests Used to Identify Substances with the Potential to Cause Excessive Inflammation or Exaggerated Immune Responses; Request for Information

Federal Register notice: 81FR74458

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NTP is located at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, part of the National Institutes of Health.