National Toxicology Program

National Toxicology Program

ICCVAM Public Forum: June 2014

ICCVAM Logo June 25, 2014 — 1:00-4:00 P.M.
William H. Natcher Conference Center
National Institutes of Health
Bethesda, Maryland, USA

The purpose of this forum was to give stakeholders and members of the public an opportunity to provide ideas and suggestions to representatives of the federal agencies that comprise ICCVAM.


  1. Call to Order and Introductions
    Dr. Warren Casey, NICEATM
    Dr. Abby Jacobs, FDA, ICCVAM Co-Chair
    Dr. Anna Lowit, EPA, ICCVAM Co-Chair

  2. ICCVAM Activities

  3. NICEATM Update

  4. ICCVAM Agency Updates

  5. Public Attendee Presentations
    • Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
      Ms. Kristie Sullivan
    • Center for Responsible Science
      Ms. Tammy Drake (via email)
    • Alternatives Research and Development Foundation
      Ms. Sue Leary
    • White Rabbit Beauty
      Ms. Jean Knight (via teleconference)
    • Center for Alternatives for Animal Testing/Alternatives Research and Development Foundation
      Dr. Marty Stephens

  6. Wrap-up
    Dr. Lowit
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