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The NICEATM publishes on alternate test methods.


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Publications from NTP Staff at NIEHS, NIOSH, and NCTR.
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OHAT Monographs

OHAT conducts literature-based evaluations that assess evidence on substances in our environment that may cause adverse health effects.

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OHAT uses systematic review methodology to carry out these evaluations. All evaluations allow opportunities for external scientific, public, and interagency input.

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An Overview of the NTP

NTP 2014: Current Directions & Evolving Strategies describes NTP plans as well as a description of the NTP Centers, Report on Carcinogens, and outreach.

NTP Annual Report 2013

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Report on Carcinogens

This scientific and public health document identifies substances that may put people at increased risk for cancer. People can use the ROC to make informed decisions about their own health.


The 13th edition RoC

Scientific Reviews

Reports & Abstracts on Test Articles

The NTP has the full text of hundreds of reports and abstracts available on test articles it has studied.

Reports & Abstracts by Study Types

NIEHS AIDS Therapeutics Toxicity Reports evaluate the reproductive/developmental toxicity, general toxicity, immunotoxicity and neurotoxicity of AIDS therapeutics.

NTP Technical Reports describe long-term studies that characterize and evaluate the toxicologic potential of selected test articles in animals (usually rats and mice).

NTP Toxicity Reports describe short-term studies that characterize and evaluate the toxicologic potential of selected substances in animals (usually rats and mice).

Developmental Toxicity Studies - Chemicals are tested for their potential to cause malformations and signs of toxicity during fetal development.

Reproductive Assessment by Continuous Breeding Studies - The NTP has developed a range of techniques and testing regimes for evaluating the potential toxic effects of exposure to environmental and occupational substances on the reproductive system.

NTP Genetically Modified Model Reports characterize and evaluate the toxicologic potential, including carcinogenic activity, of selected agents in laboratory animals that have been genetically modified.

The Management Status Report shows the testing status for long-term and short-term toxicology and carcinogenesis studies.

NTP is located at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, part of the National Institutes of Health.