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Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2015

Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2015

Modified One-Generation Reproduction Studies

NTP modified one-generation study design emphasizes a full evaluation of the first generation offspring animals, and uses fewer animals than the classical multigenerational study design. These studies generate information on the effects of substances on prenatal development, postnatal development, and reproduction. The table below lists planned or ongoing modified one-generation studies.

Modified One-Generation Studies in FY 2015
Test Article CASRN* Species Planned Cohorts Study Scientist Route Status
Isopropylated phenol phosphate 68937-41-7 Rats Dose range finding [1] Behl Feed Initiated
Resveratrol 501-36-0 Rats F0 generation [2] Germolec Gavage Initiated
Simvastatin 79902-63-9 Rats Dose range finding [1] McIntyre Gavage Initiated
Triphenyl phosphate 115-86-6 Rats Dose range finding [1] Behl Feed Initiated
Valerian (Valeriana officinalis L.) root extract 8057-49-6 Rats Dose range finding [1] Roberts Gavage Initiated
Wyeth 14,643 (WY) 50892-23-4 Mice, Rats Dose range finding [1] Blystone Gavage Completed
*CASRN = Chemical Abstracts Service Registry Number
[1] Dose range-finding: to find the ideal dose for toxicological studies.
[2] F0 generation: parental generation.