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Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2016

Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2016

Training Opportunities

NIEHS/NTP offers a limited number of postdoctoral training fellowships to prepare trainees for careers in pharmaceutical and chemical industries, regulatory agencies, and academia. Full details on opportunities, benefits, and the application process can be found on the NIEHS training website. The training program has six focal areas: applied toxicology and carcinogenesis, biomolecular screening and computational toxicology, health assessment and translation, laboratory animal medicine, systems and mechanistic toxicology, and toxicological pathology. In FY 2016, NIEHS/NTP staff mentored 18 postdoctoral fellows at NIEHS.

NIEHS/NTP Training Program Postdoctoral Fellows in FY 2016
Training Program Fellow
Applied toxicology and carcinogenesis Natasha Catlin
Anika Dzierlenga
Georgia Hinkley
Kristen Ryan
Kelly Shipkowski      
Biomolecular screening and computational toxicology Jui-Hua Hsieh
Sreenivasa Ramaiahgari
Health assessment and translation Katie Pelch
Laboratory animal medicine Vivian Chen
Sheba Churchill
Systems and mechanistic toxicology Adam Filgo
Xiaohua Gao
Ngome Makia
Ntube (Olive) Ngalame
Miaofel Xu
Toxicological pathology Gregory Krane
Erin Quist
Eui Jae Sung