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Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2017

Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2017

Noncancer Research

NTP has made a commitment to studying noncancer health effects. As part of that commitment, NTP assesses the evidence that environmental chemicals, physical substances, or mixtures—collectively referred to as substances—cause adverse health effects. NTP also provides opinions on whether these substances might be of concern, given what is known about current human exposure levels. The Office of Health Assessment and Translation (OHAT) conducts health hazard assessments and scoping reviews or state-of-the-science evaluations, which are published as NTP monographs, NTP research reports, and journal publications. OHAT also hosts workshops to address important issues in environmental health sciences. Andrew Rooney, Ph.D., served as acting director of OHAT in FY 2017.

In FY 2017, NTP published the NTP Monograph on Immunotoxicity Associated with Exposure to Perfluorooctanoic Acid or Perfluorooctane Sulfonate, the first evaluation reaching hazard conclusions using the OHAT Approach to Systematic Review and Evidence Integration. OHAT began using a new data visualization format—an interactive systematic evidence map—that allows readers to search and explore evidence categorized by health effect, exposure, and type such as the literature collected in the state-of-the-science evaluation of transgenerational inheritance.

As part of efforts to promote harmonization in development of systematic review methods, OHAT hosted the 4th International Symposium on Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Laboratory Studies in April 2017. OHAT also published several reports in the new NTP research report series, including a pilot study on tin and organotin levels in Danish women, a systematic review of biological activity of bisphenol A structural analogues, and a systematic review of the effects of fluoride on learning and memory in animal studies.

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