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Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2017

Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2017

New NTP Website Getting Rave Reviews

Since March 2017, Beth Bowden, an information technology specialist in the NTP Program Operations Branch at NIEHS, has overseen the work of Signature Consulting Group, a contractor, to build a versatile, user-friendly new NTP website.

The NTP Information Technology Resources Advisory Committee, which includes members of the NIEHS Division of the NTP, has provided guidance and direction for each step in the website redesign process.

The new NTP website is current, visually appealing, and designed to engage both scientists and citizens. The site offers many new tools, including a feature—progressive disclosure—that facilitates navigation and improves usability. By displaying less clutter, the website allows users to focus on the main content of a page. Visitors can delve into the site’s information without becoming lost. The site has been updated to be compatible with mobile technologies, favored by younger audiences.

In addition to providing easier navigation and a more appealing look, the redesign restructured the content to be more understandable. Headers and footers were improved to better tell NTP’s story. The website includes some 11,000 pages, with information about meetings, articles, abstracts, and major NTP projects.


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