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Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2017

Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2017


NTP continually accepts and reviews nominations for studies in its research and testing program. The NTP nomination process is open to the public, and nominations can be submitted through the NTP website. Agencies represented on the NTP Executive Committee also identify and forward nominations to NTP.

For new research projects or studies of substantial scope and complexity, NTP research concepts or project plans are prepared to facilitate external review as part of a multi-step process with input from NTP participating federal agencies, the Board of Scientific Counselors, and the public. In addition to new research projects, NTP conducts targeted studies to extend or explain findings observed in previous studies and to address nominations closely aligned with current research efforts.

A 2016 nomination from the Environmental Working Group requested that NTP evaluate the hypothesis that mixtures of unrelated substances with specific reported biological activity corresponding to cancer “hallmarks” could jointly contribute to cancer development. Plans and progress toward addressing this nomination were presented at the NTP Board of Scientific Counselors meeting in June 2017.

New projects were initiated in FY 2017 to address nominations for adverse reproductive outcomes of certain analgesics and to explore the possibility of using Tox21 approaches to query biological activities of concern associated with exposure to consumer products intended for children.

Questions about the nomination, review, and selection process can be sent to Scott Masten, Ph.D.

Research and Testing Projects Initiated in FY 2017

Project Project Description
Reproductive Outcomes Following Developmental Exposure to Acetaminophen
Study Scientist: Vicki Sutherland
Recent studies suggest that maternal consumption of mild analgesics during pregnancy  have detrimental effects on male reproductive tract development (e.g., cryptorchidism). This rat study evaluates reproductive and endocrine endpoints in offspring exposed to acetaminophen during the period of male androgen-dependent development.
Screening for Biological Activities of Concern in Consumer Products
Study Scientist: Scott Masten
Targeted screening approaches and methods are being explored to evaluate the bioactivity of physiologically relevant extracts of selected consumer products used by children.

Cancer Network and Environmental Exposure Research Agenda (CNVERGE)
Study Scientist: Cynthia Rider

CNVERGE applies a systems-based approach to use adverse outcome pathways as a framework for identifying environmental exposures that might converge at the pathway or tissue level to contribute cumulatively to disease development.