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Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2017

Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2017

About Testing and Toxicology Studies

The NTP testing program evaluates substances for a variety of health-related effects, generally using rodent models. For each test article, a study team develops an appropriate testing strategy to address the identified research needs, and a project review committee evaluates the strategy. Reports and summaries of NTP toxicity studies, including carcinogenicity and effects on development and reproduction, are available on the NTP website.

The following Division of NTP branches at NIEHS are involved in the testing program: Biomolecular Screening Branch, led by acting chief Rick Paules, Ph.D.; Cellular and Molecular Pathology Branch, led by Robert Sills, D.V.M., Ph.D.; NTP Laboratory, led by acting chief Michael DeVito, Ph.D.; Program Operations Branch, led by Michelle Hooth, Ph.D.; and Toxicology Branch, led by Paul Foster, Ph.D.

Studies initiated, ongoing, or completed in 2017 are listed in this section.