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Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2018

Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2018

About NTP

The U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, now the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, established NTP in 1978 in response to concerns about the potential human health effects of chemicals in our environment. NTP goals are to:

  • Coordinate toxicology testing programs within the federal government.
  • Strengthen the science base in toxicology.
  • Develop and validate improved testing methods.
  • Provide information about potentially toxic chemicals to health agencies, regulatory agencies, research agencies, scientific communities, medical communities, and the public.

NTP provides scientific data to regulatory agencies and other health-related research groups and interpretation and guidance in their appropriate use. The American people and government agencies, at state and federal levels, rely on NTP to provide a strong scientific basis for decisions aimed at protecting public health. In the past 40 years, NTP has studied and shared information on the health effects of more than 2,800 substances, including dietary supplements, industrial chemicals, consumer products, and complex mixtures.

In following government-wide efforts to increase access to the results of federally funded scientific research, NTP maintains open communication and dialogue with the public, federal and state agencies, industry, nongovernmental organizations, and academic institutions. The NTP website provides the public with a variety of information, including Federal Register notices, status of and data from NTP studies, access to NTP reports and journal publications, notifications through media releases, a calendar of upcoming events, and a newsletter, the NTP Update.

The public and other interested parties can stay abreast of NTP activities and events by subscribing to receive emails of news. In addition, requests for information can be made through the Central Data Management office (984-287-3211 or cdm@niehs.nih.gov) and an online contact form.

NTP welcomes input on its programs and priorities. This input can be submitted in response to formal requests for public comment in Federal Register notices or informal submissions to the Office of Liaison, Policy, and Review (984-287-3209 or the online contact form).

NTP Mission: to evaluate agents of public health concern, by developing and applying the tools of modern toxicology and molecular biology