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Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2018

Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2018


NTP relies on voluntary allocations from the three core agencies—NIEHS, FDA/NCTR, and CDC/NIOSH—to support its activities. These allocations are specified after annual appropriations have been determined. The total NTP budget for FY 2018 was $136.7 million.

NTP conducts its research through in-house studies at the three core agencies or through contract laboratories or interagency agreements with other agencies. In FY 2018, NIEHS funded 30 contracts, listed below, held two workshops, three peer-review meetings, two Board of Scientific Counselors meetings, and one scientific advisory meeting. CDC and FDA could have additional contracts that support some of their voluntary NTP efforts.
NIEHS Contracts That Supported NTP Activities in FY 2018

Description Contractor
Analytical Chemistry Services Battelle Memorial
Midwest Research Institute
Research Triangle Institute
Archives and Specimen Repository Experimental Pathology Laboratories
Bioinformatics Methylation Project Laboratory Corp of America
Bioinformatics Support SCIOME, LLC.
Collaborative Work with Ramazzini DOE/ORISE
Evaluation of Alternative Toxicological Methods Integrated Laboratory Systems
Evaluation of Toxicity Following Early Life Exposure Southern Research Institute
Evaluation of the Toxicity of Selected Chemicals Battelle Memorial
Genetic Toxicity Testing Support Services Integrated Laboratory Systems
Immunotoxicity Burleson Research Technologies
In-Life Data Collection and Management System INSTEM, LSS
Kelly Scientific Government Services Kelly Scientific
NTP Information Systems Support Signature Consulting Group, LLC
NTP Technical Reports Preparation Support Services Biotechnical Sciences, Inc.
Pathology Support Experimental Pathology Laboratories
Integrated Laboratory Systems
PAI/Charles River Laboratories
Production of B6C3F1 Mice Taconic Biosciences, Inc.
Provision for Animals and Specialized Services Charles River Laboratories
The Jackson Labs
Taconic Biosciences
Quality Assessment Support/Audits & Inspections CSS-Dynamac Corporation
Reproductive Assessments by Continuous Breeding Research Triangle Institute
Scientific Information Management and Literature-Based Evaluations for the NTP ICF
Statistical Support Social and Scientific Systems
Support for Toxicological Data Vistronix, LLC.
Support Services for Clinical Research Studies Social and Scientific Systems
Toxicological and Carcinogenic Potential of Chemicals Battelle Memorial