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Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2018

Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2018

NTP Framework for Innovation Rolled Out at Board Meeting

NTP Associate Director Brian Berridge, D.V.M., Ph.D., introduced an updated approach to the organization’s mission at the June 20, 2018, Board of Scientific Counselors (BSC) meeting.

Berridge described the NTP Translational Toxicology Pipeline Plan as a strategic realignment and said the new approach aims to inform the present and innovate the future, using contemporary tools such as literature analysis, animal studies, in vitro systems, and in silico or computational analytics.

These tools and strategies will be used to advance public health and the discipline of toxicology in ways that are translatable, predictive, and timely.

"Our proposal is to innovate at a robust pace and for good cause," said Berridge. "By doing that, we’re linking the innovations to real problems. So, we’re building tools that we need to answer the problems we have today." Berridge aims to accelerate and improve how NTP processes inform public health decisions about chemicals.

The concepts driving the strategic realignment arose from the comprehensive review of NTP operations that Berridge undertook upon his arrival. He emphasized the complexity of NTP research and the breadth of the organization’s scientific endeavors.

Much of the remainder of the BSC meeting was devoted to updates about NTP research on cell phone RFR, BPA and related chemicals, crumb rubber, and more. The scientists presenting the updates provided examples of the strategic realignment in action and NTP’s long-standing willingness to tackle tough scientific problems.