National Toxicology Program

National Toxicology Program

DrugMatrix is the scientific communities' largest molecular toxicology reference database and informatics system. DrugMatrix is populated with the comprehensive results of thousands of highly controlled and standardized toxicological experiments in which rats or primary rat hepatocytes were systematically treated with therapeutic, industrial, and environmental chemicals at both non-toxic and toxic doses. Following administration of these compounds in vivo, comprehensive studies of the effects of these compounds were carried out at multiple time points and in multiple target organs. These studies included extensive pharmacology, clinical chemistry, hematology, histology, body and organ weights, and clinical observations. Additionally, a curation team extracted all relevant information on the compounds from the literature, the Physicians' Desk Reference, package inserts, and other relevant sources. The heart of the DrugMatrix database is large-scale gene expression data generated by extracting RNA from the toxicologically relevant organs and tissues and applying these RNAs to the GE Codelink™ 10,000 gene rat array and more recently the Affymetrix whole genome 230 2.0 rat GeneChip® array. DrugMatrix contains toxicogenomic profiles for 638 different compounds; these compounds include FDA approved drugs, drugs approved in Europe and Japan, withdrawn drugs, drugs in preclinical and clinical studies, biochemical standards, and industrial and environmental toxicants. Contained in the database are 148 scorable genomic signatures derived using MOSEK computational software that cover 96 distinct phenotypes. The signatures are informative of organ-specific pathology (e.g., hepatic steatosis) and mode of toxicological action (e.g., PXR activation in the liver). The phenotypes cover a number of common target tissues in toxicity testing (including liver, kidney, heart, bone marrow, spleen and skeletal muscle). The primary value that DrugMatrix provides to the toxicology community is in its capacity to use toxicogenomic data to perform rapid toxicological evaluations. Further value is provided by DrugMatrix ontologies that help characterize mechanisms of pharmacological/toxicological action and identify potential human toxicities. Overall, DrugMatrix allows a toxicologist to formulate a comprehensive picture of toxicity with greater efficiency than traditional methods.

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