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Nominate to NTP

NTP maintains an open nomination process and welcomes nominations of substances and models for consideration and evaluation. You can nominate for the following activities:

Testing Program

The NTP testing program evaluates substances for a variety of health-related effects, generally using rodent models for study. For each test article studied, a study scientist designs a comprehensive testing strategy to address the identified research and testing needs to fully characterize its toxic potential, and a project review committee evaluates the strategy.

Substances are studied for a variety of health-related effects, including but not limited to:

  • Carcinogenicity
  • Genotoxicity
  • Immunotoxicity
  • Metabolism and disposition
  • Reproductive and developmental toxicity
Report on Carcinogens

The Report on Carcinogens is a congressionally mandated, science-based, public health report prepared by NTP on behalf of the Secretary, Health and Human Services. It contains a list of substances in our environment that pose a hazard to people residing in the United States.

Health Translation and Assessment

The Office of Health Assessment and Translation serves as an environmental health resource to the public and to regulatory and health agencies. OHAT conducts technical assessments focused on understanding the potential for adverse effects on human health through substance exposure.

Alternative Toxicological Methods

NICEATM activities support the development and evaluation of new, revised, and alternative methods to identify potential hazards to human health and the environment, with a focus on replacing, reducing, or refining animal use. NICEATM administers nominations of test methods for ICCVAM, a coordinating committee that evaluates test methods for their usefulness for a specific proposed regulatory requirement or application.


The NTP Biomolecular Screening Branch develops and carries out programs in medium and high throughput screening of environmental substances for rapid detection of biological activities of significance to toxicology. The Branch accepts nominations of high throughput or high content screens for possible use in NTP's High Throughput Screening initiative, Tox21.

Complete our form to nominate a substance or model to NTP for testing. If you are unsure of the proper area, nominate to the Testing Program.

To nominate an assay to the High Throughput Screening Initiative, complete and submit an Assay Form.

Nominations must provide the reason for the nomination and, whenever possible, appropriate background information, data, or literature citations should be included.