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Meta Data Viewer


The Meta Data Viewer is a graphing program available to the public that can be used to view NTP data files. It displays data in 15 text columns and graphs at 1-5 numerical values. The program’s other functions include the ability to sort, group, and filter data in order to view patterns across studies.

Meta Data Viewer can be used:

  • To create publication quality images of graphs
  • To create tables using data and mail merge features of software programs
  • To create your own Excel files for uploading into Meta Data Viewer
  • To graph both human and animal data

Note: Read the user's manual to see more detailed instructions on use and features. Meta Data Viewer requires Java version 6 (or higher).


The Meta Data Viewer can be launched with information from a number of studies. Two example studies are available below:


Learn more about the Meta Data Viewer or download the Meta Data Viewer software:

Note: To conserve file space and make it easier to download multiple files, we have compressed the software into zip files. File sizes are shown in the following format: compressed zip file size (uncompressed total size of files)


Please use the following citation when referencing Meta Data Viewer:

Forest Plot Viewer: a new graphing tool. Boyles AL, Harris SF, Rooney AA, Thayer KA. Epidemiology. 2011 Sep;22(5):746-7.


NTP strives to make all provided content compliant with accessibility standards. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or are having trouble accessing the software, contact Dr. Abee Boyles.


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