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ICCVAM Biennial Report 2014-2015

ICCVAM Biennial Report 2014-2015

Articles in the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Environmental Factor Newsletter

Cartwright T. January 2015. Linking inflammation with environmental exposures.

Hood E. October 2014. Advisory committee gives thumbs up to progress on alternative methods.

Hood E. October 2015. Advisory committee on alternatives to animal testing looks forward.

Sprankle C. February 2014. International collaboration aims to reduce animal testing.

Sprankle C. March 2014. NTP presentations highlight new technologies to protect human health.

Sprankle C. April 2014. Collaboration, focus, and innovation keys to replacing animal use.

Sprankle C. June 2014. Small fish may offer big opportunities for future toxicity testing.

Sprankle C. August 2014. ICCVAM engages interest groups at public meeting.

Sprankle C. October 2014. Adverse outcome pathway workshop generates enthusiasm and collaboration.

Sprankle C. October 2014. Sidebar: World Congress strengthens international ties.

Sprankle C. November 2014. Summit attendees translate big data into useful knowledge.

Sprankle C. January 2015. EPA pesticide panel considers new approach for chemical screening.

Sprankle C. March 2015. Linking high-throughput data to human exposures.

Sprankle C. April 2015. New method will reduce animal use in pertussis vaccine testing.

Sprankle C. July 2015. Public forum highlights progress on replacing animals used in safety testing.

Sprankle C. August 2015. Groundbreaking EPA testing plan builds on NTP work to replace animal use.

Sprankle C. November 2015. Roadmap for replacing rodents in acute toxicity tests.

Sprankle C. December 2015. NTP highlights new technologies to protect health and environment.