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ICCVAM Biennial Report 2018-2019

ICCVAM Biennial Report 2018-2019


NICEATM, an office within the NIEHS Division of NTP, provides technical and scientific support for ICCVAM and ICCVAM workgroup activities, peer review panels, expert panels, workshops, and validation efforts.

In addition to providing support for ICCVAM, NICEATM:

  • Supports NTP activities, especially those contributing to the U.S. government’s interagency Tox21 initiative.
  • Conducts analyses and evaluations, and coordinates independent validation studies on novel and high-priority alternative testing approaches.
  • Provides information to test method developers, regulators, and regulated industry through its website and workshops on topics of interest.



Warren Casey, Ph.D., DABT, Senior Toxicologist; Director
Nicole Kleinstreuer, Ph.D., Deputy Director
Elizabeth Maull, Ph.D., Toxicologist
Matthew Stout, Ph.D., Toxicologist, Project Officer

NICEATM Contract Staff (Integrated Laboratory Systems, Inc.)

David Allen, Ph.D., Principal Investigator
Steven Morefield, M.D., Project Manager
Jaleh Abedini, M.S.
Shannon Bell, Ph.D.
Patricia Ceger, M.S., DABT
Xiaoqing Chang, Ph.D., DABT
Neepa Choksi, Ph.D.
Amber Daniel, M.S.
Jon Hamm, Ph.D.
Agnes Karmaus, Ph.D.
Isabel Lea, Ph.D.
Kamel Mansouri, Ph.D.
Jason Phillips (subcontractor, Sciome LLC)
John Rooney, Ph.D.
Catherine Sprankle, M.S.
Judy Strickland, Ph.D., DABT
James Truax, M.S.