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ICCVAM Biennial Report 2018-2019

Biennial Progress Report 2018-2019 Interagency Coordinating Committee on the Validation of Alternative Methods

Cell-based Assays to Identify Chemical Targets

CCDC CBC has been assessing and validating a number of cell-based in vitro platforms, which are currently being optimized as predictive toxicological tools. As a result of these efforts, the center has a fully functional, high-throughput G protein-coupled receptor screening assay, as well as single receptor tests using engineered cell lines to assay ion channel effects. These cell-based platforms should allow rapid assessment of the effects of different chemical threats.

Thus far, the center has used the PRESTO-TANGO assay system to test the activity of alpha adrenergic receptor agonists against an entire library of G protein-coupled receptors. Data currently collected align with results obtained using in vivo systems. Current and future efforts aim to test G protein-coupled receptor agonism and antagonism of a number of different compounds of interest.