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Presentations at 9th World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use

August 24-28, 2014 - Prague, Czech Republic

NICEATM Presentations

Please note: PDFs of poster presentations are large files (2-3 MB) and may take a few minutes to open. Posters may not be completely accessible to those using assistive technologies; text versions of posters may provide improved accessibility.

Discussion Session II-1b: Pathways Approach in Toxicology

Abstract Number 376: Constructing, Quantifying, and Validating an Adverse Outcome Pathway for Vascular Developmental Toxicity
Author: N Kleinstreuer, T Tal, T Knudsen, T Heinonen, J Franzosa, N Baker, S Padilla, E Carney, W Casey

Poster Session II-3: Computational Modelling and Chem-Informatics

Abstract Number 127: Development of a Curated Database of In Vivo Estrogenic Activity
Authors: P Ceger, N Kleinstreuer, X Chang, B Jones, J Hamm, L Rinckel, D Rotroff, W Casey, D Allen
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Abstract Number 131: Prediction of Physicochemical Properties of Environmental Chemicals Using Molecular Fingerprints and Machine Learning Methods
Authors: Q Zang, K Mansouri, D Allen, W Casey, R Judson
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Poster Session II-4:  Risk Assessment

Abstract Number 144: Use of the Zebrafish Developmental Screen and Estimation of Internal Concentration to Assess Toxicity
Authors: J Hamm, N Kleinstreuer, W Casey, S Padilla
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Abstract Number 146: Leveraging Small Aquarium Fishes to Advance Understanding of Environmentally Influenced Human Disorders and Diseases
Authors: J Hamm, D Allen, W Casey, M Behl, D Hinton, J Kanungo, S Kullman, C Mattingly, A Planchart, T Tal, C Weis
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Discussion Session II-5:  Model-Based Testing Strategies and Decision-Making

Abstract Number 133: Using In Vitro HTS Methods to Identify Endocrine Disruptors
Author: N Kleinstreuer, D Allen, P Ceger, X Chang, J Strickland, Q Zang, J Hamm, B Jones, W Casey

Poster Session II-12:  Skin Sensitization

Abstract Number 132: Predicting Skin Sensitization Using 21st Century Toxicology  
Authors: N Kleinstreuer, J Strickland, W Casey
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Abstract Number 134: Development of an Open-Source Integrated Test Strategy for Skin Sensitization Potency
Authors: J Pirone, M Smith, N Kleinstreuer, T Burns, J Strickland, Y Dancik, R Morris, L Rinckel, W Casey, J Jaworska
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Poster Session II-13:  Endocrine Disruption

Abstract Number 128: Performance of the BG1Luc and ER β-Lactamase Estrogen Receptor Transactivation Assays in Tox21 Compound Screening
Authors: W Casey, R Huang, J-H Hsieh, K Shockley, S Sakamuru, M Xia, R Tice, L Rinckel, P Ceger, D Allen
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Abstract Number 129: Development of Reverse Toxicokinetic Models to Correlate In Vitro and In Vivo Estrogen Receptor Activity
Authors: X Chang, N Kleinstreuer, P Ceger, J-H Hsieh, J Hamm, B Jones, N Choksi, L Rinckel, D Allen, W Casey
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Abstract Number 136: Targeted Testing of FXR Tox21 Active Compounds
Authors: J Hamm, W Casey, C Hsu, R Huang, M Xia, K Houck, X Chang, D Allen, S Kullman

Discussion Session IX-3:  Activity Updates From International Validation Centres

Abstract Number 560: A New Vision and Direction for ICCVAM and NICEATM
Author: W Casey

ICCVAM Committee Activities

Discussion Session V-4:  Medical Devices and Biologicals

Abstract Number 705: Incorporation of the 3R’s Into Preclinical Testing Programs to Support Cellular and Gene Therapy Product Clinical Trials That Are Regulated by U.S. FDA
Author: R McFarland