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Bridges for Translation: Transforming 21st Century Science into Risk Assessment and Regulatory Decision-Making
November 19-20, 2015, Arlington, Virginia, USA

NICEATM Poster Presentations

Please note: poster presentations are large files (2-3 MB) and may take a few moments to open. Text versions of posters are smaller files and may provide greater accessibility. 

In Vitro to In Vivo Extrapolation: Optimizing Parameters for Improved Predictions
Authors: X Chang, N Kleinstreuer, D Allen, W Casey
Chang et al poster —  Text version of Chang et al poster  

Identifying Reference Chemicals for Androgen Receptor Activity
Authors: N Kleinstreuer, P Ceger, P Browne, D Allen, J Hamm, W Casey
Kleinstreuer et al poster —  Text version of Kleinstreuer et al poster 

QSAR Models for Identifying Potential Estrogenic Activity of Phenolic Compounds
Authors: K Mansouri, R Politi, S Farag, E Muratov, A Tropsha, R Judson, Q Zang, D Allen, W Casey, N Kleinstreuer

Machine Learning Approaches for Predicting Human Skin Sensitization Hazard
Authors: J Strickland, Q Zang, M Paris, N Kleinstreuer, DM Lehmann, D Allen, N Choksi, J Matheson, A Jacobs, A Lowit, W Casey
Strickland et al poster —  Text version of Strickland et al poster 

QSAR Modeling to Predict Androgen Receptor Pathway Activity
Authors: Q Zang, N Kleinstreuer, D Allen, W Casey, R Judson
Zang et al poster  —  Text version of Zang et al poster