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Presentations at SOT 2014

53rd Annual Meeting of the Society of Toxicology
March 23-27, 2014 - Phoenix, AZ, USA

NICEATM Presentations

Please note: PDFs of poster presentations are large files (2-3 MB) and may take a few minutes to open. Posters may not be completely accessible to those using assistive technologies; text versions of posters may provide improved accessibility.

Continuing Education Course:  Elucidating Adverse Outcome Pathways (AOPs) for Developmental Toxicity

Constructing AOPs for Developmental Toxicities 
Speaker: N. Kleinstreuer

Poster Session: Alternatives to Mammalian Models I

Abstract Number 161: Robotic MCF-7:WS8 Cell Proliferation Assay to Detect Agonist and Antagonist Estrogenic Activity
Poster Board Number: 246A
Authors: W. Casey, C. Zhi Yang, M. Stoner, G. J. Kollessery, A. Wong, G. D. Bittner
PosterText version of poster

Abstract Number 173b: Profiling of the Tox21 10K Compound Library for Agonists and Antagonists of the Estrogen Receptor Alpha Signaling Pathway
Poster Board Number: 260
Authors: R. Huang, S. Sakamuru, M. Thomas Martin, D. Reif, R. Judson, K. Houck, W. Casey, J.-H. Hsieh, K. Shockley, P. Ceger, J. Fostel, K. L. Witt, W. Tong, D. Rotroff, A. Simeonov, D. J. Dix, C. P. Austin, R. Kavlock, R. R. Tice, M. Xia

Abstract Number 173h: Performance of the BG1Luc and ER β-Lactamase Estrogen Receptor Transactivation Assays in Tox21
Poster Board Number: 266
Authors: L. Rinckel, W. Casey, R. Huang, J.-H. Hsieh, K. Shockley, S. Sakamuru, M. Xia, R. Tice, P. Ceger
PosterText version of poster

Poster Session:  Computational Toxicology and Data Integration I

Abstract Number 440h: Use of the Zebrafish Developmental Screen and Estimation of Internal Concentration to Assess Toxicity  
Poster Board Number: 175
Authors: J. Hamm, N. Kleinstreuer, S. Padilla, W. Casey

Poster Session:  Alternatives to Mammalian Models II

Abstract Number 1062a: Adverse Outcome Pathway for Embryonic Vascular Disruption and Alternative Methods to Identify Chemical Vascular Disruptors during Development  
Poster Board Number: 545
Authors: T. L. Tal, N. Kleinstreuer, P. Harris, J. Olin, A. Palekar, T. Toimela, R. Sarkanen, T. Heinonen, T. B. Knudsen, S. Padilla

Abstract Number 1062c: Predicting Skin Sensitization Using 21st Century Toxicology  
Poster Board Number: 547
Authors: N. Kleinstreuer, J. Strickland, W. Casey
PosterText version of poster

Poster Session:  Developmental Toxicology: Mammalian Models II

Abstract Number 1087o: Evaluation of Environmental Chemicals Computationally Predicted to Disrupt Angiogenesis  
Poster Board Number: 641
Authors: T. Heinonen, T. Toimela, T. B. Knudsen, N. Kleinstreuer, R. Sarkanen

Poster Session: Gene Regulation and Signal Transduction II

Abstract Number 1736e: RNA-Seq Analysis of the Functional Link between Vascular Disruption and Adverse Developmental Consequences
Poster Board Number: 528
Authors: J. Franzosa, R. S. Settivari, R. Ellis-Hutchings, N. Kleinstreuer, K. Houck, E. W. Carney, T. B. Knudsen

Poster Session: Nanotoxicology In Vitro

Abstract Number 1973e: Comparing Bioactivity Profiles of Diverse Nanomaterials Based on High-Throughput Screening (HTS) in ToxCast™
Poster Board Number: 435
Authors: A. Wang, J. Franzosa, I. Shah, D. L. Filer, N. Kleinstreuer, S. Marinakos, K. Houck

Poster Session: Risk Assessment II

Abstract Number 1831l: Development of an Open-Source Integrated Test Strategy for Skin Sensitization Potency
Poster Board Number: 179
Authors: J. Pirone, M. Smith, N. Kleinstreuer, T. Burns, J. Strickland, Y. Dancik, R. Morris, L. Rinckel, W. Casey, J. Jaworska
PosterText version of poster

Poster Session: Computational Toxicology and Data Integration II

Abstract Number 2273i: Development of a Curated Database of In Vivo Estrogenic Activity
Poster Board Number: 462
Authors: P. Ceger, N. Kleinstreuer, X. Chang, B. Jones, J. Hamm, L. Rinckel, D. Rotroff, W. Casey
PosterText version of poster

Poster Session: Computational Toxicology and Data Integration III

Abstract Number 2273r: Prioritization of the Tox21 10k Library for Xenobiotic Metabolism and Toxicity Studies Using In Silico Metabolism Models
Poster Board Number: 473
Authors: S. Ferguson, N. Kleinstreuer, M. Lawless, R. R. Tice

Poster Session: Risk Assessment III

Abstract Number 2250b: Development of Reverse Toxicokinetic Models to Correlate In Vitro and In Vivo Estrogen Receptor Activity
Poster Board Number: 418
Authors: X. Chang, N. Kleinstreuer, P. Ceger, J. Hamm, B. Jones, L. Rinckel, D. Allen, W. Casey
PosterText version of poster

Poster Session: Skin

Abstract Number 2182c: Identification of Putative Skin Sensitizers Using QSAR Models Enriched by In Vitro Data
Poster Board Number: 222
Authors: A. Tropsha, V. Alves, E. Muratov, D. Fourches, J. Strickland, N. Kleinstreuer, C. Andrade
PosterText version of poster

ICCVAM Committee Activities

Workshop Session:  Photosafety Evaluation of Pharmaceuticals Without Testing in Animals

ICCVAM Member Dr. Abby Jacobs (FDA/CDER) was a co-chair of the session.

Poster Session: Education, Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues

Abstract Number 1662c: National Library of Medicine Education-Related Resources in Toxicology, for 2014 and Beyond
Poster Board Number: 371
Authors: P. Hakkinen