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Presentations at 10th World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use

August 20-24, 2017 - Seattle, Washington, USA

Poster Presentations

Please note: PDFs of poster presentations are large files (2-3 MB) and may take a few minutes to open. Posters may not be completely accessible to those using assistive technologies; text versions of posters may provide improved accessibility.

Abstract Number 201: Integrating Alternative Approaches to Replace Animals in Inhalation Toxicity Testing
Authors: D Allen, D Wilson, J Hotchkiss, S Morefield, W Casey, A Clippinger
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Abstract: Development of an Acute Oral Toxicity Dataset to Facilitate Assessment of Existing QSARs and Development of New Models
Authors: J Fitzpatrick, AL Karmaus, G Patlewicz

Oral Presentations

Discussion Session II-1: Tox21 10 Year Anniversary

Abstract Number 790: The Future of Tox21: Changing the NTP Landscape
Author: R Paules (ICCVAM member, NIEHS)

Updates from the FDA
Author: S Fitzpatrick (ICCVAM member, FDA)

Discussion Session II-8: Tipping Point--Using In Vitro to Discriminate Adverse from Adaptive Effects

Abstract Number 198Correlation of In Vitro Cytotoxicity and Acute Toxicity
Author: J Strickland, AL Karmaus, X Chang, M Paris, D Allen, N Kleinstreuer, W Casey

Discussion Session IV-6: The 3 Rs in Research and Funding Opportunities for 3Rs Research

ICCVAM member Kristina Adams (USDA) was a session co-chair

Abstract: Finding Funding Opportunities in 3Rs Research
Author: K Adams (ICCVAM member, USDA)

Abstract Number 806: Funding Research and Validation of Alternative Methods in the United States
Author: W Casey

Discussion Session IX-2: International Approaches to Validation

NICEATM Director Warren Casey was a session co-chair

Abstract Number 738:  Update from the U.S. Interagency Coordinating Committee on the Validation of Alternative Methods (ICCVAM)
Author: W Casey

Discussion Session III-9:  Update on Models for Genotoxicity and Cancer

ICCVAM member Richard Paules (NIEHS) was a session co-chair

Abstract Number 802In Vitro Insights into Chemical Carcinogenesis
N Kleinstreuer

Abstract Number 819:  High-Throughput Approaches for Characterizing Genotoxicity and Carcinogenic Potential: Bridging Classic and High-Throughput Approaches
Author: R Paules (ICCVAM member, NIEHS)

Discussion Session IX-3: International 3Rs Cooperation: The Role of International Science

Abstract Number 133:  International 3Rs Effort for Pharmaceuticals and Other Products
Author: A Jacobs (ICCVAM Co-chair, FDA)

Discussion Session VIII-7:  Promotion of the 3Rs and Research Reproducibility

Abstract Number 205: Characterizing the Variability of LD50 Values in Acute Toxicity Studies: Implications for Alternative Methods Development
Authors: AL Karmaus, D Allen, NC Kleinstreuer, W Casey

Roundtable Session III-13: Regulatory Issues Related to Organs on a Chip

ICCVAM Member Suzanne Fitzpatrick (FDA) was a roundtable panelist

Discussion Session IX-7: Examining the Gap Between Regulatory Acceptance and Industry Use of Alternative Methods

Abstract Number 453: A Strategy to Ensure Relevant Science for Regulatory Acceptance and Industry Adoption
Author: N Kleinstreuer

Discussion Session IX-8: Global Efforts Moving Towards Replacement of Animals

NICEATM Director Warren Casey was a session co-chair

Abstract Number 739: A New Strategic Roadmap to Establish New Approaches for Evaluating the Safety of Chemicals and Medical Products in the United States
Author: W Casey

Discussion Session VII-6: IVIVE Approaches

Abstract Number 203: An Open-source IVIVE Workflow Integrating QSAR and PK Models
Authors: X Chang, Q Zang, S Bell, D Allen, W Casey, N Kleinstreuer

Roundtable Session V-2: Future of Big Data in 3Rs and Recommendations

NICEATM Deputy Director Nicole Kleinstreuer was a roundtable panelist
Mahony C et al. 2018. Highlight report: 'Big data in the 3Rs: outlook and recommendations', a roundtable summary [published online ahead of print 16 January 2018]. Arch Toxicol

Discussion Session V-4:  Resources and Tools for State of the Art Systems Modeling

Abstract Number 207: A New Tool for Aligning Assay Endpoints to Adverse Outcome Pathways
Authors: S Bell, L Burgoon, J Phillips, D Allen, W Casey, N Kleinstreuer

Discussion Session III-10: Models Used for Ecology and Ecotoxicology

Abstract Number 209: Implementation of Zebrafish Ontologies for Toxicology Screening
Authors: J Hamm, P Ceger, R Boyles, D Reif, L Burgoon, M Haendel, N Walker, E Maull

Satellite Workshop: Towards Global Elimination of the Acute Toxicity "Six-pack"

Organized by NICEATM and the National Centre for the Replacement Refinement & Reduction of Animals in Research

NICEATM Director Warren Casey was a workshop chair; Casey and NICEATM Deputy Director Nicole Kleinstreuer were presenters

YOU-WC10: Young Scientists in Action

NICEATM Deputy Director Nicole Kleinstreuer participated in this event as an experienced scientist