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Test Method Evaluation Report: Reduced LLNA

The Reduced Murine Local Lymph Node Assay: An Alternative Test Method Using Fewer Animals to Assess the Allergic Contact Dermatitis Potential of Chemicals and Products

NIH Publication No. 09-6439
Complete report (547 pages, 11.2 Mb)
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Main Body Text

Appendix A: Timeline of ICCVAM Evaluation

Appendix B: ICCVAM-Recommended LLNA Test Method Protocol (Updated 2008)

  • Main Body
  • Annex I: An Approach to Dissection and Identification of the Draining (“Auricular”) Lymph Nodes
  • Annex II: An Example of How to Reduce the Number of Animals in the Concurrent Positive Control Group of the Local Lymph Node Assay
  • Annex III: Evaluating Local Irritation and Systemic Toxicity in the Local Lymph Node Assay

Appendix C: Evaluating the Impact of Reducing the Sample Size in LLNA Testing

  • Main Body
  • Annex I: Summary of Study Results – CBA Mouse Database

Appendix D: Final Background Review Document

Note: 15.7 Mb file — may take a few moments to to download

Appendix E: ESAC Statement on the Validity of the rLLNA

Appendix F: Independent Scientific Peer Review Panel Assessment

Appendix G: Federal Register Notices and Public Comments

Appendix H: Relevant Skin Sensitization Regulations and Testing Guidelines