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Ongoing Evaluations of the Office of Health Assessment and Translation

The substances and topics listed below are undergoing formal evaluation by OHAT.

Current Evaluations

water from faucet

Fluoride: Developmental Neurotoxicity

Systematic review to evaluate potential neurobehavioral effects from exposure to fluoride Go
image of artery wall showing restricted blood flow from the buildup of plaques

Inflammation-based Atherosclerosis

Systematic review to evaluate the evidence that environmental substances contribute to inflammation that ultimately leads to atherosclerosis Go
photo of agricultural corn treated with neonicotinoid seed coatings

Neonicotinoid Pesticides and Adverse Health Outcomes

Scoping review to systematically map the evidence of the association between neonicotinoid pesticides and adverse health outcomes Go
patient's hand receiving treatment for cancer

Occupational Exposure to Cancer Chemotherapy Agents

Systematic review of the published studies of occupational exposure to cancer chemotherapy agents Go
Image of exposed brain with a open field in the background

Parkinson’s Disease: Associations with Environmental Exposures

Scoping review to systematically map the evidence of the association between exposures to environmental chemicals and Parkinson’s Disease Go
Molecular stucture of Sarin

Sarin: Long-Term Neurological Effects

Systematic review to evaluate the evidence of long-term neurological effects in humans following acute, sub-lethal exposure to sarin Go
Expectant mother and child on a balcony

Traffic-Related Air Pollution and Children’s Health

Systematic review of emerging children's health issues associated with ambient air pollution Go
photo of four females of different ages and generations

Transgenerational Inheritance of Health Effects

Scoping review to examine the evidence for transgenerational inheritance of health effects associated with exposure to a wide range of stressors Go