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Regulatory Actions for Year 1988

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Notice Type Title Summary of Notice NTP Information Cited CASRN
Proposed Rule Hazardous Waste Management System EPA proposed rule to amend RCRA regulations to list as hazardous 4 additional wastes from wood preserving and surface protection processes.

December 30, 1988 -- 53 FR 53282
Reference to NTP study demonstrating carcinogenicity of pentachlorophenol. (TR-349) 87-86-5
Proposed Rule Methyl Ethyl Ketoxime EPA proposed rule to require testing under TSCA Section 4.

September 15, 1988 -- 53 FR 35838
Reference to NTP study of methyl ethyl ketone. 78-93-3
Final Rule 2-Mercaptobenzothiazole EPA final rule to require testing under TSCA Section 4.

September 07, 1988 -- 54 FR 34514
NTP chronic and subchronic studies of MBT. (TR-332) 149-30-4
Notice Certain Chemicals in Anilines Category EPA notice of termination of rulemaking because there is no basis for finding of unreasonable risk of injury to health or the environment.

August 19, 1988 -- 53 FR 31814
Reference to study of 4-chloro-2-nitroaniline supported by NIEHS. 89-63-4
Final Rule Aniline & 7 Substituted Anilines EPA final rule regarding enforceable testing consent orders under TSCA.

August 19, 1988 -- 53 FR 31804
References to studies of p-chloroaniline and 4-nitroaniline supported by NIEHS. 106-47-8
Proposed Rule Benzene EPA proposed rule on setting NESHAP applicable to benzene equipment leaks, ethylbenzene/styrene and maleic anhydride process vents, benzene storage vessels, and coke byproduct recovery plants.

July 28, 1988 -- 53 FR 28496
NTP 2-year chronic study of mice and rats orally exposed found significant incidence of cancers at multiple sites in both sexes and both species. (TR-289) 71-43-2
Proposed Rule Melamine EPA proposed rule to delete melamine from list of toxic chemicals for which toxic chemical release reporting is required under SARA Section 313.

June 20, 1988 -- 53 FR 23128
NTP bioassay resulted in statistically significant increase in carcinomas in male rats. (TR-245) 108-78-1
Notice RCRA Hazardous Waste Identification EPA notice regarding strategy for setting compound-specific dilution/attenuation factors in the Toxicity Characteristic used by waste generators to determine whether their solid wastes are hazardous.

May 19, 1988 -- 53 FR 18024
NTP studies of 1,4-dichlorobenzene, Pyridine, and Methylene Chloride (TR-306) (TR-319) (TR-283) 75-09-2
Notice Naphthalene EPA notice of assessment results under Clean Air Act, concluding that the health data base is insufficient to warrant regulation under the CAA.

March 21, 1988 -- 53 FR 9138
NTP 2-year inhalation study is currently in progress. (TR-410) 91-20-3
Proposed Rule Isopropanol EPA proposed rule to require testing under TSCA Section 4.

March 16, 1988 -- 53 FR 8638
"The only adequate study" of mutagenicity is a salmonella reverse mutation assay conducted by NTP. 67-63-0
Final Rule Diethylene Glycol Butyl Ether and Diethylene Glycol Butyl Ether Acetate EPA final rule to require testing under TSCA Section 4.

February 26, 1988 -- 53 FR 5932
NTP currently is conducting an oncogenicity study of structurally similar glycol ethers. 112-34-5
Notice Dichlorvos EPA notice of initiation of special review of determine whether registration should be cancelled or otherwise amended in light of carcinogenic and other health effects.

February 24, 1988 -- 53 FR 5542
"Based on the NTP oncogenicity studies and chronic toxicity studies, in conjunction with exposure assessments of dietary, worker, residential, and pet risks, EPA has determined that all uses of dichlorvos have met the criterion for initiation of Special Review." (TR-342) 62-73-7
Final Rule Commercial Hexane EPA final rule to require testing under TSCA Section 4.

February 05, 1988 -- 53 FR 3382
Description of NTP dosing regimen in discussion of subchronic test standards. 110-54-3

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Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Notice Type Title Summary of Notice NTP Information Cited CASRN
Final Rule Dimethyl Dicarbonate FDA final rule amending food additive regulations to allow use as yeast inhibitor in wines.

October 21, 1988 -- 53 FR 41325
NTP carcinogenesis bioassay of methyl carbamate which is produced in food by dimethyl dicarbonate. (TR-328) 598-55-0
Final Rule D& C Red No. 36 FDA final rule permanently listing D Red No. 36 for general use except in eye area.

August 02, 1988 -- 53 FR 29024
At FDA's request, NTP compared data on D Red No. 33 with D Red No. 9, a splenic carcinogen. (Nos. 33 and 36 were being considered jointly). (TR-225) 5160-02-1
Notice D& C Red No. 8 and D& C Red No. 9 FDA notice of denial of petition for listing for use in ingested lip products and in externally applied drugs and cosmetics.

July 15, 1988 -- 53 FR 26886
NCI/NTP chronic rat study concluded that D Red No. 9 is carcinogenic for male F-344 rats. (TR-225) 5160-02-1

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