About the NTP Management Status Report

The Management Status Report (MSR) can be used to quickly monitor lists of substances progressing through toxicology and carcinogenicity studies. Substances studied were selected mainly on the basis of human exposure, production levels, chemical structure, and available toxicologic data.

Once selected for general toxicology study, a substance progresses through a number of statuses or references until it has a long-term or short-term report. The MSR shows substances in each status in a separate reference. Some references show completed studies for which no NTP report was prepared.

Clicking on a reference in the index to the MSR shows a list of substances currently in that status. This report is updated monthly.

Note: Selection of a substance for study does not mean that the substance is hazardous or a potential carcinogen; on the other hand, a substance not being selected for toxicologic study by the program should not be taken to mean that the substance is not a possible carcinogen.