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NTP Sulfolane Research: Work at Other Agencies

Use these links to learn more about sulfolane research at other agencies.


Health Consultation: Sulfolane Plume in Groundwater: Evaluation of Community Concerns about Sulfolane in Private Water Wells, 2012.
North Pole Refinery Project Documents: This website contains numerous resources related to sulfolane, including fact sheets, newsletters, press releases, FAQs, and reports regarding drinking water, site characterization and remediation, and human health and toxicology.

US Environmental Protection Agency: National Center for Environmental Assessment

Provisional Peer-Reviewed Toxicity Values for Sulfolane, 2012.

US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry

Health Consultation - Sulfolane, 2010. Requested by Alaska Department of Health and Social Services.
Health Consultation - Sulfolane, 2011. Requested by Alaska Department of Health and Social Services.

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