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Download NTP Study Data

Are you an informaticist or a biostatistician interested in toxicology? You may want to investigate using the NTP data downloads. Using the links below, you can access NTP data by downloading a few files.

Summary data on all NTP chemicals can be downloaded in a single file. If you would like more detailed data, you can download an individual study type. Currently, Bioassay, CHO Cell Cytogenesis, Drosophila, Micronucleus, Mouse Lymphoma, Rodent Cytogenetics, and Salmonella study types are the study types available for detailed data downloads.

NTP plans to add files for the Developmental, and Immunology study types. NTP will update the data on a quarterly basis.

Format of NTP Data Downloads

NTP used XML to create these data files. XML is a free, open standard computer language with a set of rules that encodes documents in machine readable format. The XML files contain the data; schema files show how that data is organized and formatted. For additional information, see the World Wide Web Consortium's XML Technology section.

Although you can open and read XML and schema files in a text editor, it is unwieldy to view the downloaded files this way. Most files will be too large to open in Excel. Typically, bioinformaticians or computer programmers would use these files to bring NTP data into your applications or databases.

Online Searching Remains Available

See online data searches to access test article and study data.

For questions or additional information, contact:

Central Data Management
P.O. Box 12233, MD K2-05
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709
984-287-3211 (or use our contact form)

Notice: NTP makes no representations and extends no warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied. There are no express or implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

NTP Test Article and Study Data

Formatting common to all XML files is described in the Custom Type Schema XSD custom type schema 22 KB - Sept. 6, 2013.

Data Type Sample Data All Data[1] Schema Date Updated
Test Articles Sample Data 2 KB All Data470 KB (3.90 MB) Schema 9 KB July 21, 2017[2]
Bioassay (CarTox) Sample Data 727 KB All Data90.2 MB (1.51 GB Schema 25 KB Mar 31, 2016[2]
CHO Cell Cytogenetics Sample Data 39 KB All Data 1 MB (29 MB) Schema 16 KB Jul 9, 2010
Drosophila Sample Data 3 KB All Data 79 KB (1.8 MB) Schema 12 KB Apr 16, 2012
Micronucleus Sample Data 23 KB All Data1 MB (23.4 MB) Schema 15 KB Mar 31, 2016[2]
Mouse Lymphoma Sample Data 25 KB All Data 623 KB (14.8 MB) Schema 9 KB Mar 2, 2012
Rodent Cytogenetics Sample Data 125 KB All Data450 KB (13.2 MB) Schema 17 KB May 31, 2012
Salmonella Sample Data 192 KB All Data8.17 MB (150 MB) Schema 11 KB Mar 31, 2016[2]

[1] To conserve file space, we have compressed the XML files using the zip file format. File sizes are shown in this format: compressed zip file size (uncompressed XML file size).

[2] Updated quarterly.