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Study Results & Research Projects

Current Areas of Research: These are special projects developed in response to requests from the public or other federal and state agencies for NTP to provide specific testing information. Also, new scientific investigations may be generated by advances in science and experimental technology.

Databases & Searches: NTP makes several databases and online searches available at no cost.

Reports & Publications: Search NTP study reports and abstracts and link to publications.

Pathology Tables for Peer Review: To inform the public in a timely manner, NTP makes available information on the pathology, body weight changes and survival of completed two-year studies as soon as possible after the appropriate reviews of the data have been made.

Summaries/Associations: NTP has put together sets of summaries and associations based on frequently asked questions by the public.

  • A listing of organ sites in which carcinogenic effects were observed in the two-year rodent bioassay with links to the individual studies.
  • A search for studies with specific pathology responses that were used in determining the "evidence" for carcinogenicity (levels of evidence).
  • A list of NTP Technical reports with the "calls" of carcinogenesis.
  • A list comparing test results of genetic toxicity and carcinogenicity.

Initiatives: Two NTP initiatives are High Throughput Screening and Nanotechnology Safety Initiatives.