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Target Organs and Levels of Evidence for TR-231

Carcinogenesis Bioassay of Stannous Chloride (CASRN 7772-99-8) in F344/N Rats and B6C3F1/N Mice (Feed Study)

Chemical (Study Title)
Peer Review DatePrimary UsesRoute/Exposure LevelsStudy Laboratory
Stannous chloride
06/23/1981Reducing agent, in manufacture dyes, in glass & plastics manufacture, as mordant in dyes, in manufacture of tin chemicals, color pigments, pharmaceuticals, paper, lubricating oil, tanning agent, reagent, catalyst (Merck 1989).Dosed-Feed
0,1000,2000 PPM/50 PER GROUP
Southern Research Institute

Levels of Evidence

Male Rats: Equivocal
TypeOrgan/Tissue (Lesion)
Neoplastic Lesions
  • Thyroid Gland C-Cell: ADENOMA 2/50 9/49 5/50 OR CARCINOMA 0/50 4/49 3/50 COMBINED 2/50 13/49 8/50
Female Rats: Negative
Male Mice: Negative
Female Mice: Negative