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Annual Report for fiscal year 2019
Evaluating agents of public health concern through toxicology testing, research, and analysis

Welcome to the 2019 Annual Report

The American people and government agencies, at state and federal levels, rely on NTP to provide a strong scientific basis for decisions aimed at protecting public health. NTP provides scientific data and interpretation and guidance in their appropriate use.

In Fiscal Year 2019, NTP scientists published more than 250 peer reviewed research studies, reports, and monographs on environmental substances and issues at the center of high-profile or emerging public health concerns. NTP also participated in activities to advance alternatives to animal testing.

“The NTP serves a critical role for our nation. It provides a unique, consolidated venue for toxicology research, testing, and analysis to occur.”

Dr. Linda Birnbaum
NIEHS and NTP Director, 2009–2019

To learn more about our research programs and accomplishments in FY 2019, download the full NTP Annual Report and associated appendices:

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NTP's Mission

To evaluate agents of public health concern by developing and applying the tools of modern toxicology and molecular biology.

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