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Annual Report for fiscal year 2021
Image of a lush green forest with caption: Working to build knowledge and advance toxicological sciences in support of protecting public health

Welcome to the NTP Annual Report
Updates for Fiscal Year 2021

The National Toxicology Program’s mission to build knowledge and advance toxicological sciences is achieved through cutting-edge research using constantly evolving methodology and the best available technology. The scientific data, interpretation, and guidance provided by NTP is used by scientists, researchers, government agencies, journalists and media professionals, and the public to improve the lives of the American people every day.

For Fiscal Year 2021, NTP updated Appendix I and Appendix II and now provides that information in addition to last year's full Fiscal Year 2020 Annual Report at the links below. Publications from Fiscal Year 2021 can be found in Appendix I and Appendix II lists NTP laboratory studies completed and or underway.

“My goal is to enhance our program’s effectiveness and stature as a global leader in toxicology research and to develop our role as a valuable resource that informs decisions for a healthier tomorrow.”

Dr. Rick Woychik
NIEHS and NTP Director

To learn more about our research programs and accomplishments in FY 2021, download the full NTP Annual Report and associated appendices:

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NTP's Mission

To evaluate agents of public health concern by developing and applying the tools of modern toxicology and molecular biology.

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