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Nomination Summary for Bisphenol F and its epoxy resins (N20131)

Nominated Substances: 4,4'-Bisphenol F, 4,4-Bisphenol F diglycidyl ether, Phenol-formaldehyde polymer glycidyl ether

Nomination Date: 08/08/2001

Nominator: NIEHS

Rationale: Bisphenol F (BPF) is the monomeric component of certain phenol-formaldehyde epoxy resins. It is similar to Bisphenol A structurally and in it's applications, though it is produced in lower volume and has very little available toxicity data. 1998 production of a BPF-based epoxy resin was 10-50 million pounds. Interest in BPF stems from 1) public nominations for Bisphenol A diglycidyl ether, phenol-formaldehyde resin dust, and photoresist mixtures (containing epoxy resins); 2) potential for human exposure during production and use of BPF, its glycidyl ethers (i.e. BFDGE), and BPF-based epoxy resins; and 3) consumer exposure to BPF, BFDGE and their HCL and H2O reaction products as food contaminants.

NTP Principles: not specified

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