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Nomination Summary for Cafestol & Kahweol (N98016)

Nominated Substances: Cafestol, Kahweol

Nomination Date: 07/09/1998

Nominator: Private Individual

Rationale: Cafestol's nomination is based on an association between exposure and elevated cholesterol levels in humans coupled with the potential to activate the nuclear receptor FXR. Significant exposure to cafestol occurs through the consumption of coffee. Kahweol, a structurally similar compound found in coffee, also causes a rise in cholesterol levels and is included in the nomination. Weinberger et al. (unpublished results) have recently shown that compounds capable of inducing FXR, which have generally been observed to be those having anticarcinogenic activity, lower cholesterol levels. In contrast, compounds with carcinogenic activity counter FXR-dependent transcription and raise cholesterol levels. Cafestol, which raises cholesterol levels, is therefore a putative FXR antagonist and thus a potential candidate carcinogen.

NTP Principles: not specified

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