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Nomination Summary for Organotins (N20030)

Nominated Substances: Di-n-butyltin dichloride, Dibutyltin, Dimethyltin, Dimethyltin dichloride, Methyltin, Monobutyltin, Monobutyltin trichloride, Trichloromethylstannane

Nomination Date: 05/08/2000

Nominator: NIEHS, EPA

Rationale: EPA has listed the organotins as drinking water contaminants with high priority for health research needs. There is a lack of toxicity and mechanistic data on the organotins occurring in drinking water although a related organotin (trimthyltin) is known to be neurotoxic. Organotins have wide application with more than 65% being used in PCV pipes. Organotins have been found in water samples collected from homes and commercial buildings supplied by PCV pipes.

NTP Principles: 1, 2, 7

Agents and Status

The following information relates to the specific agent and may include history from earlier or later nominations for this same agent.

CASRN: 683-18-1

Agent Name: Di-n-butyltin dichloride

CASRN: 753-73-1

Agent Name: Dimethyltin dichloride

CASRN: 1118-46-3

Agent Name: Monobutyltin trichloride

CASRN: 993-16-8

Agent Name: Trichloromethylstannane