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Nomination Summary for Nanoscale materials (N20338)

Nominated Substances: Nanoscale material (Fullerene C60), Nanoscale material (Quantum dots), Nanoscale material (Rutile titanium dioxide), Nanoscale materials evaluation

Nomination Date: 05/19/2003

Nominator: Rice University Center for the Biological & Environmental Nanotechnology

Rationale: Intense current and anticipated future research and development focus; further studies and development of appropriate toxicological methods are needed to adequately assess health effects

NTP Principles: 2, 6

Agents and Status

The following information relates to the specific agent and may include history from earlier or later nominations for this same agent.

CASRN: 99685-96-8

Agent Name: Nanoscale material (Fullerene C60)


Agent Name: Nanoscale material (Quantum dots)

CASRN: 1317-80-2

Agent Name: Nanoscale material (Rutile titanium dioxide)