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Nomination Summary for Salmonella assay for group of aminophenols (N82317)

Nominated Substances: 2-Acetylamino-4-methylphenol, N-Acetyl-m-aminophenol, 5-(4-Aminobenzamido)-2,3-cresotic acid, 2-Amino-4-chloro-5-nitrophenol, 2-Amino-4-chloro-6-nitrophenol, 2-Amino-6-chloro-4-nitrophenol, 2-Amino-4-chlorophenol, 6-Amino-4-chloro-1-phenol-2-sulfonic acid, 5-Amino-o-cresol, 2-Amino-4,6-dichlorophenol, 2-Amino-4,6-dinitrophenol, 4-Amino-4'-hydroxy-3-methyl-diphenylamine, 2-Amino-4-methylphenol, 3-Amino-4-methylphenol, 2-Amino-4-(methylsulfonyl)phenol, 2-Amino-3-nitro-4-methylphenol, 2-Amino-5-nitro-4-methylphenol, 4-Amino-2-nitrophenol, 2-Amino-6-nitro-1-phenol-4-sulfonic acid, 6-Amino-4-nitro-1-phenol-2-sulfonic acid, 3-Aminophenol, p-Aminophenol, 2-Amino-1-phenol-4-sulfonic acid, 3-Amino-5-sulfosalicylic acid, 5-Amino-3-sulfosalicylic acid, 2-Amino-3,4,6-trichlorophenol, 4-(3-Carbazoylamino)phenol, 4-Chloro-2-(2,4-dinitroanilino)phenol, 5-Diethylamino-2-nitroso-4-methylphenol, 5-Diethylamino-2-nitrosophenol, 3-Diethylaminophenol, 3-Dimethylamino-4-methylphenol, 5-Dimethylamino-2-nitroso-4-methylphenol, 3-Dimethylaminophenol, 2-(2,4-Dinitroanilino)phenol, 4-(2,4-Dinitroanilino)phenol, 3-Ethylamino-4-methylphenol, 3-Ethylaminophenol, 3-Hydroxy-N-phenylaniline, 3-Methylamino-4-methylphenol, 4-(2-Naphthylamino)phenol

Nomination Date: 03/00/1982

Nominator: NIEHS

Rationale: Assess genotoxic potential of group of aminophenols in Salmonella assay

NTP Principles: Pre 1993 - 3

Agents and Status

The following information relates to the specific agent and may include history from earlier or later nominations for this same agent.

CASRN: 6375-17-3

Agent Name: 2-Acetylamino-4-methylphenol

  • No studies are available.

CASRN: 621-42-1

Agent Name: N-Acetyl-m-aminophenol

CASRN: 6265-15-2

Agent Name: 5-(4-Aminobenzamido)-2,3-cresotic acid

  • No studies are available.

CASRN: 6358-07-2

Agent Name: 2-Amino-4-chloro-5-nitrophenol

CASRN: 6358-08-3

Agent Name: 2-Amino-4-chloro-6-nitrophenol

  • No studies are available.

CASRN: 6358-09-4

Agent Name: 2-Amino-6-chloro-4-nitrophenol

  • No studies are available.

CASRN: 95-85-2

Agent Name: 2-Amino-4-chlorophenol

CASRN: 88-23-3

Agent Name: 6-Amino-4-chloro-1-phenol-2-sulfonic acid

CASRN: 2835-95-2

Agent Name: 5-Amino-o-cresol

CASRN: 527-62-8

Agent Name: 2-Amino-4,6-dichlorophenol

  • No studies are available.

CASRN: 96-91-3

Agent Name: 2-Amino-4,6-dinitrophenol

CASRN: 6219-89-2

Agent Name: 4-Amino-4'-hydroxy-3-methyl-diphenylamine

CASRN: 95-84-1

Agent Name: 2-Amino-4-methylphenol

CASRN: 2836-00-2

Agent Name: 3-Amino-4-methylphenol

  • No studies are available.

CASRN: 98-30-6

Agent Name: 2-Amino-4-(methylsulfonyl)phenol

CASRN: 6265-05-0

Agent Name: 2-Amino-3-nitro-4-methylphenol

  • No studies are available.

CASRN: 6265-06-1

Agent Name: 2-Amino-5-nitro-4-methylphenol

  • No studies are available.

CASRN: 119-34-6

Agent Name: 4-Amino-2-nitrophenol

CASRN: 96-93-5

Agent Name: 2-Amino-6-nitro-1-phenol-4-sulfonic acid

  • No studies are available.

CASRN: 96-67-3

Agent Name: 6-Amino-4-nitro-1-phenol-2-sulfonic acid

CASRN: 591-27-5

Agent Name: 3-Aminophenol

CASRN: 123-30-8

Agent Name: p-Aminophenol

CASRN: 98-37-3

Agent Name: 2-Amino-1-phenol-4-sulfonic acid

CASRN: 6201-86-1

Agent Name: 3-Amino-5-sulfosalicylic acid

  • No studies are available.

CASRN: 6201-87-2

Agent Name: 5-Amino-3-sulfosalicylic acid

CASRN: 6358-15-2

Agent Name: 2-Amino-3,4,6-trichlorophenol

  • No studies are available.

CASRN: 86-72-6

Agent Name: 4-(3-Carbazoylamino)phenol

  • No studies are available.

CASRN: 6358-18-5

Agent Name: 4-Chloro-2-(2,4-dinitroanilino)phenol

  • No studies are available.

CASRN: 6265-09-4

Agent Name: 5-Diethylamino-2-nitroso-4-methylphenol

  • No studies are available.

CASRN: 6358-20-9

Agent Name: 5-Diethylamino-2-nitrosophenol

  • No studies are available.

CASRN: 91-68-9

Agent Name: 3-Diethylaminophenol

CASRN: 119-31-3

Agent Name: 3-Dimethylamino-4-methylphenol

  • No studies are available.

CASRN: 6265-11-8

Agent Name: 5-Dimethylamino-2-nitroso-4-methylphenol

  • No studies are available.

CASRN: 99-07-0

Agent Name: 3-Dimethylaminophenol

CASRN: 6358-23-2

Agent Name: 2-(2,4-Dinitroanilino)phenol

CASRN: 119-15-3

Agent Name: 4-(2,4-Dinitroanilino)phenol

CASRN: 120-37-6

Agent Name: 3-Ethylamino-4-methylphenol

CASRN: 621-31-8

Agent Name: 3-Ethylaminophenol

CASRN: 101-18-8

Agent Name: 3-Hydroxy-N-phenylaniline

CASRN: 6265-13-0

Agent Name: 3-Methylamino-4-methylphenol

  • No studies are available.

CASRN: 93-45-8

Agent Name: 4-(2-Naphthylamino)phenol