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Nomination Summary for Salmonella assay for group of diarylamines (N84311)

Nominated Substances: 4,4'-Dimethoxydiphenylamine, 4,4'-Dioctyldiphenylamine, p-Isopropoxydiphenylamine, N-Nitrosodiphenylamine, N-Phenyl-1-naphthylamine, N-Phenyl-2-naphthylamine

Nomination Date: 12/00/1983

Nominator: NIEHS

Rationale: Assess genotoxic potential of diarylamines in Salmonella assay

NTP Principles: Pre 1993 - 3

Agents and Status

The following information relates to the specific agent and may include history from earlier or later nominations for this same agent.

CASRN: 101-70-2

Agent Name: 4,4'-Dimethoxydiphenylamine

CASRN: 101-67-7

Agent Name: 4,4'-Dioctyldiphenylamine

CASRN: 101-73-5

Agent Name: p-Isopropoxydiphenylamine

CASRN: 86-30-6

Agent Name: N-Nitrosodiphenylamine

CASRN: 90-30-2

Agent Name: N-Phenyl-1-naphthylamine

CASRN: 135-88-6

Agent Name: N-Phenyl-2-naphthylamine