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Nomination Summary for Tetralin/Decalin (N93003)

Nominated Substances: Decalin, Tetralin

Nomination Date: 06/15/1993

Nominator: NCI

Rationale: Both compounds are available commercially; high potential for consumer exposure through their use as solvents in paints, waxes and polishes; potential for contamination of drinking water supplies. Decalin is released into the environment from the burning of coal tar and other fossil fuels. Lack of adequate data.

NTP Principles: 3, 4, 6, 7

Agents and Status

The following information relates to the specific agent and may include history from earlier or later nominations for this same agent.

CASRN: 91-17-8

Agent Name: Decalin

CASRN: 119-64-2

Agent Name: Tetralin