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Nomination Summary for Benlate DF with flusilazole and chlorothalonil (N95022)

Nominated Substances: Benomyl, Chlorothalonil, Flusilazole

Nomination Date: 03/02/1995

Nominator: Florida Department of Health & Rehabilitation Services

Rationale: Health complaints related to use of and residual contamination; large number of agricultural workers exposed; little is known about the toxicology of Benlate in combination with suspected contaminants, flusilazole and chlorothalonil

NTP Principles: not specified

Status: In Review/Pending

Agents and Status

The following information relates to the specific agent and may include history from earlier or later nominations for this same agent.

CASRN: 17804-35-2

Agent Name: Benomyl

CASRN: 1897-45-6

Agent Name: Chlorothalonil

CASRN: 85509-19-9

Agent Name: Flusilazole