Nomination Summary for Dimethylethanolamine (N97015)

Nominated Substances: Dimethylethanolamine

Nomination Date: 06/00/1997

Nominator: NIEHS

Rationale: Potential for widespread human exposure to DMAE through its use in industrial and consumer products; inadequate toxicological database; some ethanolamines can interfere with choline uptake and utilization and may also generate nitrosamines QT interval prolongation and torsade de pointes is a high priority cause for concern in drug development and regulatory safety evaluation; a clear definition of the strengths, limitations, and future performance characteristics of the canine telemetry model for pre-clinical safety assessment is needed

NTP Principles: not specified

Status: Selected

Agents and Status

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CASRN: 108-01-0

Agent Name: Dimethylethanolamine