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Nomination Summary for Chromium picolinate (N98036)

Nominated Substances: Chromium picolinate, Chromium picolinate monohydrate

Nomination Date: 09/30/1998

Nominator: NCI

Rationale: The nomination of chromium picolinate is based on the potential for widespread consumer exposure. Marketed as a dietary supplement, chromium picolinate is heavily promoted as a muscle builder and weight-loss agent. Some researchers suggest that chromium picolinate causes a significant increase in lean body mass by altering the rate of internalization of insulin. Other investigators have indicated that recommended doses of chromium picolinate by other than the oral route would cause accumulation of chromium in the liver and kidneys, an unknown risk to the consumer.

NTP Principles: 2

Status: Selected

Agents and Status

The following information relates to the specific agent and may include history from earlier or later nominations for this same agent.

CASRN: 14639-25-9

Agent Name: Chromium picolinate

CASRN: 27882-76-4

Agent Name: Chromium picolinate monohydrate