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Testing Status of Dibenzothiophene 13091


CASRN: 132-65-0

Formula: C12-H8-S

Synonyms/Common Names

  • (1,1'-Biphenyl)-2,2'-diyl sulfide


  • PAC-MAP - Polycyclic Aromatic Compound Mixtures Assessment Program (PAC-MAP)

Known Uses

Research chemical. Positive Control for lab studies, occurs in coal tar, smoked foods, tobacco smoke (Merck 1989). Associated with tobacco: reported either as a natural component of tobacco, pyrolysis product (in tobacco smoke), or additive for one or more types of tobacco products.

Chemical Properties

Toxicity Effects (HSDB)

Organ Systems Toxicity

  • 28 days Immunotoxicity (Gavage)  (I13091)  On Test 
    • Female Mice: B6C3F1
    • Dose: 0, 3.1, 6.3, 12.5, 25, 50, 100, or 200 mg/kg.