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Testing Status of Antioxidant model (TRAMP) - Epigallocatechin gallate M010088


CASRN: 989-51-5

Formula: C22-H18-O11

Synonyms/Common Names

  • Epigallocatchin Gallate - Antioxidant Model (TRAMP)


  • ANTIOXMODEL - Antioxidant model (TRAMP)

Known Uses

Special study to assess effects of antioxidants in the transgenic model of prostate cancer (TRAMP)

Chemical Properties

Toxicity Effects (HSDB)

Short-Term Toxicity

  • 12 weeks (Gavage)  (C20108B)  Completed 
    • Mice: C57BL/6; Mice: TRAMP (C57BL/6 PB-TAG TRANSGENE)
    • Dose: 0 OR 200 MG/KG; 32/GROUP.