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Testing Status of Aloe phototoxicity studies M040053



Known Uses

Phototoxicity studies using 3 forms of aloe. Aloe is recognized as a therapeutic dermatologic agent; extracts incorporated in a variety of topical health care products and cosmetics

Long-Term Carcinogenicity

  • 40 weeks (Topical Application)  (C20406)  Completed 
    • TR-553 (NIH Number: 10-5894)  (Peer Review Approval 02/27/2008A )
      Photococarcinogenesis Study of Aloe Vera [CASRN 481-72-1 (Aloe-emodin)] in SKH-1 Mice (Simulated Solar Light and Topical Application Study)
    • Mice: SKH-1 Hairless
    • Dose: Mice only: 0, 3%, or 6% compound in cream with and without simulated light.