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Testing Status of Insertional mutagenesis (LTR/SIN vectors) M070034



Known Uses

Insertional mutagenesis studies using vector exposures

Short-Term Toxicity

  • 12 weeks (Intravenous)  (C20703)  Completed 
    • Mice: B6.SJL-Ptprc[a] Pepc[b]/BoyJ
    • Dose: Female mice/LTR vector (PRSF91.EGFP.PRE*): radiated 10 GY; 50k cells LTR; female mice/SIN vector (PSERS11.SF.EGFP.PRE*): radiated 10 GY; 50k cells SIN; female mice/controls: radiated 10 GY; empty vector cells; 15/group.