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Testing Status of Cobalt naphthenate M88222


CASRN: 61789-51-3

Formula: C22-H14-Co-O4

Synonyms/Common Names

  • Naphthenic acids, cobalt salts

Known Uses

Drier in paints. Catalyst in organic reactions. Adhesive agent.

Chemical Properties

Toxicity Effects (HSDB)

Special Studies

  • Absorption Disposition Metabolism Elimination (Gavage)  (S0003)  Completed 
    • Citation: Chemical Disposition in Mammals: Absorption and Clearance of Cobalt Naphthenate in Rats Absorption and Clearance of Cobalt Napthenate in Rats after a Single Oral Dose. Final Report. January 10, 1991.
    • Citation: Firriolo JM, Ayala-Fierro F, Sipes IG, Carter DE. Absorption and disposition of cobalt naphthenate in rats after a single oral dose. J Toxicol Environ Health A. 1999; 58:383-395.Pubmed Abstract
    • Male Rats: F344/N
    • Dose: 280, 2.8 MG/KG.

Genetic Toxicology

  • Salmonella  (A28503)  Completed 
    •  Negative