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Testing Status of Binary mixtures M90068



Formula: NA


  • 56-23-5 - Carbon tetrachloride
  • 95-50-1 - 1,2-Dichlorobenzene (o-dichlorobenzene)
  • 541-73-1 - 1,3-Dichlorobenzene
  • 106-46-7 - 1,4-Dichlorobenzene (p-dichlorobenzene)

Known Uses

In linseed & soybean oils. Naturally occurring in food; in refrigerants; metal degreasing; production of semiconductors; Fumigant. Insecticide. Industrial solvent. Intermediate. Degreaser for metals. Heat transfer medium; Insecticidal fumigant, germicide, intermediate, dyes, in pharmaceuticals, deodorant for garbage, Fumigant & insecticide; in manufacture chlorophenols, arylene sulfide polymers. Associated with tobacco: reported either as a natural component of tobacco, pyrolysis product (in tobacco smoke), or additive for one or more types of tobacco products.

Special Studies

  • Absorption Disposition Metabolism Elimination (Dosed-Water; Intraperitoneal Injection)  (S0119)  Completed 
    • Citation: Final Report Chemical Disposition in Mammals. November 29, 1988.
    • Male Rats: F344/N