National Toxicology Program

National Toxicology Program

Testing Status of Sodium arsenite - M940036


CASRN: 7784-46-5

Formula: As-H-O2.Na

Synonyms/Common Names

  • Sodium meta-arsenite

Known Uses


Chemical Properties

Toxicity Effects (HSDB)

Special Studies

  • Toxicokinetic Study (Dosed-Feed; Dosed-Water; Gavage)  (K94036)  On Test 
    • Monkey: Rhesus; Mice: CD-1 Reg.[Crl:CD1(ICR)]; Rats: CD
    • Dose: Range finding: 0, 0.05, 0.1, or 0.2 mg/kg.
  • C. elegans  (S0946)  Completed 
    • C. elegans

Genetic Toxicology

  • Comet Assay  (G94036)  On Test 
    • Rats

Organ Systems Toxicity

  • 14 days Immunotoxicity (Subcutaneous Injection)  (IMM94004)  Completed 
    • Female Mice: B6C3F1
    • Dose: 0.01, 0.03, 0.06 MG/ML.
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